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I've been to see Back in Business... And reviewed it!  
01:37pm 11/02/2007
They call me... sretiS einrA

That's right, I did a review for BiB because I felt that it deserved one. That and I promised my mates on Steve's board I would. :)

After geting some good comments about it, it's been sent to BTL - the TORDFC mag.

Vyra, signing off... :)

*sets screening to 'Anon'*
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Time to lock up for good...  
12:48pm 20/12/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
I've decided to turn my LJ to friends-only.

If you want to continue reading my entries, well become my friend.

Also, I'm leaving the BTLi. The place is geting too quiet now, and I'm always on the move online. A wanderer of the forums I am...

Later people.

Vyra ;)

P.S - I've locked the comments on this post
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(no subject)  
03:30pm 13/12/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
my xmas stockingCollapse )

Okay, I stole this from Steve. ;P
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03:53pm 12/12/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
13 days and I'm tired of waiting...

58 days till BiB is released...

Only things that sustain me at the moment are cola and the boards I visit (cept the BTLi, as mentioned previously, I'm off there till January by my own decision.)

Our cat's ill... we think. She hasn't touched her food in a few days (all scoffed by next door's tabby kitten) so she stayed in last night. Besides not touching her food she seemed fine. She still manages to look like an Egyptian Cat even when she's 'sick'

My cat's Queen of the Nile... X.X

Vyra, seriously bored and tired of waiting for Christmas. ¬.¬
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So, what's up with me?  
12:53pm 06/12/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
My annual winter depression has set in. So I'm giving the BTLi a break.

Expecting at least three Brittas DVds this christmas, so that's good.

I'm hungry for a donut. But I've had four.


Vyra ;)

P.S - Comments are now being screened.

UPDATE: Those of you who've noticed that my BTLi profile has changed... Well, I noticed that Back in Business FINALLY has a proper release date, and I needed to update it.

I promise, i'll be gone from now till Jan 1st.
mood: Slightly down.Slightly down.
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Animators! Voiceover people! Cometh here!  
04:15pm 28/11/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
Right, so we at the Manic Panic have decided to do something. BIG.

Yup, fanfilm project that somehow became a 'movie'


So, if you want to help, come to this forum: http://p216.ezboard.com/bmanicpanic

or mail AishaX (me!) with the provided e-mail.

I thank thee for listening. Back to what you were doing!

Vyra/Arnie/Aisha ;)
mood: Proud.Proud.
music: Roadstergal's Lick Vid (sorry!)
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04:07pm 25/11/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA

I've watched a lot of Brittas and despite attempts to get at me by the gang on my estate, I've had good news.


Finally. I've been waiting to see this. Should be good. :)

Vyra :)
mood: Workin' 9 to 5...Workin' 9 to 5...
music: Smosh -Transformers Vid
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Why have I been absent for so long?  
10:55am 20/11/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
Those of you who know me well will have noticed that I haven't been online since Thurs morning. This is why:


Don't panic! It's been sorted, but now I feel a little reluctant to leave my house alone...
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Down, down, down...  
04:12pm 13/11/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
A friend of mine is sad... but why oh why can't I speak to her?

I feel as if I've done something bad... oh so bad bad bad...

God, if you read this, know that whatever I did to upset you, I'm so so so sorry... So sorry...

'I'm gonna be desperate

Never lose...
Never lose...

I believe in my future
Farewell to the shadow
It was my place to live
But now I need your hand
Lead me out with your light
I have breathed in
The disgusting air of darkness
But I never lose out to the pressure

Everything's just like an illusion
I'll be losing you before long

I never lose my confidence

I know you're supporting me
Supporting me...
Supporting me...
I'll be losing you before long...'

And I don't want to lose your friendship... I don't...

mood: Crying for you...Crying for you...
music: Supporting me - SA2
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I feel odd...  
04:05pm 09/11/2006
They call me... sretiS einrA
I think the music I'm listening to is making me angry and evil...

This is not good people... this is evil. Yes. *nods furiously*


And FJ says hi by the way.

Vyra >D
mood: YAAAAAH!!!!!YAAAAAH!!!!!
music: Almost Dead - Shadow the Hedgehog
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